currently blogging feels like a chore.  lots of photos being taken daily, by the hour.  and even being downloaded onto the computer.  at some point to be posted.  but not now.  enjoying my otherwise task free evenings.

have been in france since that beginning of the week.  wonderful meals along the way in marseille and lyon.  hopefully tomorrow will be a day of wandering the streets of paris and not too much credit card damage – quel dommage!

the journey has begun

still trying to figure out how this website theme works.  gotta let it go.  for the most part fine.

realize that i am not a good daily journal type person.  but have been keeping up with downloading photos from 3 sources – 1 camera and 2 iphones.  happy the iphone doubles as a video-cam as in the old days one had to lug that around also.

iceland has been great.  saw green northern lights the first night.  it was actually colder in nyc.  glaciers by superjeep and on foot w/crampons (what a name especially coming from a gynecologist!).  so far have tried puffin and reindeer.

compulsive tendencies

my compulsive tendencies have gotten the better of me – finding a child theme, setting up all the minutia, etc.  pretty much postponing the actual “blogging”.  just need to start writing, posting photos and, over time, build up the visuals/organization of the blog.  this project does not need to be introduced into the world in perfect form.  probably good advice in general.